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Wellship Awards


Wellship is first and foremost a mark of quality for maritime businesses that excel in the areas of safety and wellness.  Holders of  Wellship accreditation have proven themselves to not only be aware of the links between mental/physical health and safety, but have strategic plans in place to improve and become leaders in the maritime industry.

By blending learning, transformational audit and accreditation-we aim to assist our clients in making safety and wellness a commercial imperative.  In doing so, we  will be sharing some of the operational and  commercial strategies used by the world´s biggest companies to maintain a competitive edge.

The bonds between occupational safety, physical health and mental wellbeing are now set, since the introduction of ISO 45001:2018, the Maritime Labor Convention and of course the ISM Code.  Never before has the maritime industry had such integrated compliance targets for the human element.


The Wellship model is designed as a method to keep safety and welfare management systems alive and agile, not only assisting your business to achieve compliance more easily but to facilitate and demonstrate industry leading best practice.  


ISO and regulatory compliance is strictly limited to a pass or fail outcome, and does not discriminate between businesses achieving the minimum standard and those that excel.  A wellship award, however, is graded between the base quality standard up to an award of distinction and for organisations that demonstrate excellence-Flagship status is possible.


What Does it Achieve?

Through the Wellship System, Njord Mark´s goals are to:

· Improve and Celebrate life at sea

· Tackle the growing mental health issue proactively through management excellence

· Improve safety and engagement

· Maintain the strongest bonds between the ship and shore

· Improve overall commercial and operational performance 

· Hold accredited businesses to account, and publicly celebrate and reward those that excel

· Provide training and expertise, which goes beyond simply raising awareness

What do we Need to do?

A successful bid for a Wellship Award must include:

· Workforce engagement, planning and monitoring

· Policy and systems in place to protect and promote physical and mental health at sea

· Each vessel within the fleet to have a bespoke shipboard development plan

· Onboarding and Offboarding provision for seagoing personnel

· Strategic planning for safety and wellness

· Suitable and Sufficient training aligned to the overall strategy

· Safeguarding plans for cadets and vulnerable workers (identification & management)

· Competent shoreside oversight

· An ISO 45001:2018 compliant management system (Accredited or Self Declared)


Is it Time Consuming?

The Wellship method is designed to gather evidence for various management systems aligned to Annex SL such as ISO 45001/9001/14001 as well as improving and exceeding compliance against maritime safety and welfare standards.  Overall, the aim is to reduce the burden on shipboard and shorebased staff through improved efficiency and management.  Our auditors are not bound by rules attributable to ISO or Regulatory certification and are encouraged to provide a greater level of assistance than would normally be possible in order to help you improve your safety and welfare provision.


Is it Expensive?

No. The full cost of accreditation varies. For many companies the overall fee will often be less than than that of supplying bottled water to just one ship!

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