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Wellship Certificate of Competency

Combining Wellness and Safety Strategically

Designed for managers, superintendents and DPAs, the Wellship Certificate of Competency brings together commercial thinking from a variety of industries, best practice models and can assist those wanting to achieve Wellship Accreditation for their company.  

Course ID and Title:

Wellship Certificate of Competency 

Course Description:

The course is designed to provide an overview of mental health issues, safety management, human factors and strategic approaches in order to mitigate and control issues before they become risks in the maritime environment. The CoC combines ISO 45001:2018 and other relevant maritime regulations in order to achieve ROI in both social and commercial terms.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants and their management should be able to implement policies and procedures to strategically determine and manage the overall health, safety and wellness of their organisation. Specific objectives include:

1. Organisational knowledge and understanding of project management & ISO 45001 (written examination). 

2. Organisational triggers in relation to anxiety, depression, suicide, relationships etc. & the effect of human elements on safety (continuous assessment of in course participation). 

3. Commercial critical thinking and understanding of differences between strategic, operational & tactical goals and objectives and be able to correctly identify human factors and their effect on an organisation (externally assessed project) 

4. Deep understanding of ISO 45001:2018

5. Upgrade health and wellbeing from an initiative to commercially strategic status

6. Create awareness of how return on investment (ROI) can be calculated and promoted against health and welfare matters


An understanding of maritime legal compliance (i.e. ISM, ISPS, Internal Auditor or equivalent in addition to a recognised Maritime Certificate of Competency and/or a minimum of a NEBOSH General Certificate and are expected to have a keen interest in the subject. 

Method of Study:

The course is interactive and classroom based and takes place over three days. It provides a confidential opportunity for participants to openly discuss known or perceived issues and to develop methods of organisational change that may be required to protect mental/physical health and safety from a strategic management level.


Students will be expected to achieve a pass in a written examination, satisfy in-class continuous assessment criteria and complete an externally moderated project in order to achieve the Certificate of Competency.


The course comprises of twelve modules covering ISO 45001, management techniques and strategic and tactical planning for the continuous improvement of crew welfare and health. 

Dates & Booking

December 2019

10-12   Liverpool

January 2020

14-16   Glasgow

February 2020

11-13   Dubai

March 2020

10-12   Singapore

April 2020

14-16   London

May 2020

12-14   Sydney

June 2020

16-18   Athens